I have decided that it's time to bring the Veebe project to a close.  The app will still be available at https://veebe.app/ but I won't be promoting it or developing it further.  At some point, time permitting, I'd like to clean up all the source code and move it to a public github repo for posterity.


Veebe was a minimal app to see if people were interested in knowing more about the nutritional content of their food.  It was designed to be very quick to paste in a recipe and get results and it works very well in this regard, converting a free text ingredient list fairly accurately into structured data that can be easily processed into a report. However, it has become apparent that the appetite for such reports is not strong and as such the usage of the app has been very low.

Essentially, this project broke the golden rule - don't build a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.  It was rather fun to solve the problem as an academic exercise but there is no market for the solution.

What now?

I'm going to start looking at something completely different - a general problem solving algorithm.  More to follow!